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Title: SuperPlot Pro with Absoft 2012
Post by: Gene on August 04, 2013, 09:50:06 AM
My previous version of Absoft (Ver 7 series) had an externally purchased plot program named SuperPlot Pro, created by SuperSoft, which it could link to and utilize.  A free version named SPLite was also available to use.

Will SuperPlot work with newer Absoft Versions (I have Absoft 2012); or has newer versions of Absoft been tested with using SuperPlot?

I've tried to create a build using Absoft 2012, with code that worked under Absoft 7, but the process quits because some of SuperPlot's Include Files aren't accepted by the Microsoft C/C++ 2010 Express compiler; but they would work under Absoft 7's C compiler.

Thoughts and comments appreciated.