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Author Topic: Profort 9.2 and Leopard on G5's  (Read 4790 times)


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Profort 9.2 and Leopard on G5's
« on: November 01, 2007, 11:46:45 AM »

I just received some disturbing news from Absoft regarding 9.2 and Leopard. Apparently, they know that there are problems with running Profort 9.2 on G5's under Leopard but do not have plans to fix it! This is very concerning, since there are probably more G5's running Profort than Intel systems. I guess that G5 users are not important to Absoft.


PS: Here  is Absoft's response to me:


This is due to a change in the debug information in the new Leopard operating system.  Unfortunately, we currently have no plans to patch the older compilers to fix this issue.  Our v10 compiler will be fixed on Leopard but, it is Intel Mac only.  Sorry for any inconvenience this has/may cause.

Jeremy Smith
Absoft Technical Support


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Re: Profort 9.2 and Leopard on G5's
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2007, 01:48:11 PM »
Dear Maurice,

Because Absoft Pro Fortran v9.2 was released long before talk of Leopard
ever began, the compatibility issues encountered in the new OS, caused by the
many changes made by Apple in this new release could not possibly have
been anticipated.

However, Absoft remains committed to its Pro Fortran MacOS/PPC customers
and is planning a new release for Leopard users on the PPC systems.
The changes that were made in the new OS are currently being evaluated
and fixes for compatibility issues are under development.

The new Absoft Pro Fortran release will be based on the v 9.2 product
(rather than v10 for Intel based Macs) and will focus on compatibility
with the PPC based Leopard OS - Availability is planned for 4Q2007.

Best Regards,
Absoft Office Manager

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