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Author Topic: What's New In Pro Fortran v11.1?  (Read 4039 times)


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What's New In Pro Fortran v11.1?
« on: November 24, 2010, 01:59:32 PM »
V11.1 is a MAJOR release! It includes new optimzers and tools to facilitate building and tuning parallel code on multicore systems.
Polyhedron UK rated Pro Fortran v11.1 code the fastest of all 9 compilers tested across 16 tests on Windows, Mac and Linux:

Key new features in Absoft Pro Fortran v11.1:
-         Faster Code: new Absoft proprietary Dynamic Load Balancing Technology generates up to a 20% faster code than v11.0. 
-         New SMP graphical code analyzer simplifies parallel code tuning
-         OpenMP 3.0 advances parallelism and simplifies threading
-         Fortran 2003 ISO C bindings simplify mixed language development
-         IDE user interface and functionality have been enhanced
-         OpenMP and MPI control features included in IDE for parallel environments
-         CUDA gpu support via nVidia libraries and HMPP preprocessor
-         Improved documentation and examples
-     Pro Fortran v11.1 is fully object compatible with v10.0 and later. Applications need only be recompiled to benefit from improved performance.
-     Upgrades available at:

Absoft User Forum  |  Support  |  General  |  What's New In Pro Fortran v11.1?

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