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Title: AWE application debugger standard output
Post by: irekzawadzki on November 17, 2021, 04:41:06 PM
I have a Fortran code that contains multiple "type *" and "write" statements.  I can run it either as a Terminal or AWE application.

When I run Absoft debugger of my Terminal application, all output from the type and write statements is immediately visible in Windows console window.  However, when I run debugger for the AWE version, the output seems to be buffered and it only shows up in the AWE window when my code encounters either "pause" or "read" from standard I/O statement.  Placing breakpoints does not help.

Consider the following code as an example:

1         type *, 'var1,2,3 = ',var1,var2,var3
2         type *, 'var4,5,6 = ',var4,var5,var6
3         TYPE *, 'Enter filename'
4         READ 110, NCH, FNAME
5 110   FORMAT (Q, A)
6          I = I + 1

If I place breakpoints in line 2,3 & 4 the printouts from lines 1 through 3 will not appear in my AWE GUI window until I reach breakpoint in line 4 and click continue.

Is there any setting in Absoft debugger I to force flushing the output buffer as soon as the line of code is executed?
Title: Re: AWE application debugger standard output
Post by: forumadmin on November 18, 2021, 10:07:29 AM
There is no setting in the Fx3 debugger that will automatically flush the output written to a AWE window. The debugger does not have any specific knowledge of AWE programs. However, there is a set of commands you can use in the debugger to flush AWE output when a program is stopped at a breakpoint:

The result of all this is that the program remains stopped at the breakpoint but all of the output destined for  AWE window(s) has been flushed.